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Tidbit: Do I have to compromise?

So here's a quick story...

This past summer Mindy and Jeff and their posse of four children, Haley, and I went to the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, Rhode Island. When we were heading home, Haley and I needed to stop and grab some lunch. We were heading south-ish, I guess, from New York to New Jersey. I was secretly hoping that we were close enough to Blue Hill Cafe to stop there (and I was desprately trying to figure that out with my outdated Palm Treo). But, we were trying to make it home by a certain time, probably in time to get dogs out of kennels, etc.

So once we got into New Jersey, I knew that all hope was lost with regard to Blue Hill (sniff, sniff). Anyway, Haley said that she really needed to eat, and I said I could just have some nuts or whatever was in my backpack. She said, "Stacy, look, you can't have a handful of nuts for lunch just because you don't want to eat fast food. Sometimes you have to compromise." So I said, "well, there are the same number of calories in the nuts as in a Subway sandwich or there's absolutely no reason that I can't just eat these nuts."

After about 10 miles, she said, "I'm stopping at this exit and you are going to eat something...stop being ridiculous." I didn't say anything. And then we pulled off and I swear, within a literal stone's throw of the interstate, was a restaurant with fresh and some organic food, the Grain House. Best timing ever!

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